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• 3/1/2013

The origin on the borg

lets see if we can fill in the gaps before a star trek movie does
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• 8/14/2013

I honestly had always thought the Borg had begun as a medical treatment gone wrong and had originally used nanoprobes to cure disease or prolongue life but as nano probes were only introduced in the Voyager era that theory was shot down. Then I thought maybe they were originally an empire which used advanced robotics as a means of creating super soldiers but again the queen shot that down with then we evolved to I clued the synthetic.

I'd say the best explanation was originally a terminator style sentient AI created by a dieing race to co to continue the fight avter their extinction, which went on to conquer its enemy, neighbouring systems and eventually the rest of the galaxy. I presume the goals of perfection were later adopted by the Queen's personal ideology being a species with an enormous cranial capacity I'm assuming her ambition for perfection and knowledge gathering became the goal ther-after.

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