8472 Bioship
8472bio slide1
Affiliation: Species 8472
Century of Service: 2373
Class Name: Unknown
Vessel Dimensions: Length : 200 m2

Beam : 20 m

Maximum Diameter : 40 m

Crew Compliment: 1
Weapons Systems: Single high-power energy weapon of unknown type.
Defence Systems: Bioarmoured Hull, Regenerative Hull, Biometric Field
Maximum Warp Factor: Unknown
Known Vessels of this Class: Unknown

The vessels used by Species 8472 are also organic lifeforms, possessing a similar genetic structure to one another, allowing for the assumption that the bioships are genetically engineered by Species 8472 to be the perfect, non-sentient, combat and transport lifeforms using their own perfect genetic coding as a guideline. This would also explain why Species 8472 and their vessels share a number of traits such as: the biometric field, regenerative capabilities aswell as the general appearance and skin tone.

Vessel Design

The bioships barely resemble that of the smaller lifeforms, possessing three tail-fins for gliding through (fluidic)/space at the rear end of the vessel. Several glowing orange areas are also clearly visible upon the lifeform, their purpose is unknown.

General Design

Generic Interior

Power Systems

Within the bioships several exposed glowing conduits were visible between the walkable area and hull of the lifeform, their purpose is unknown however they are presumably a form of organic power conduit transporting electrodynamic fluid.

Weapons Systems

High-Energy weapon

The bioships are capable of projecting a single forward facing energy beam of immense destructive power. A single blast in a weakened location was able to cause a chain reaction which resulted in the instantanious destruction of an entire Borg cube. When the weapon penetrates the hull it continues to travel, bouncing off of the various bulkheads within the ship, explaining the extremely high chances this weapon has at causing lethal chain reactions. When eight of these beams are comibned and junctioned through a single beam-bearing 8472 vessel the power is amplified to such an extent it is able to penetrate the planets core and cause a chain reaction resulting in the destruction of an entire planet and subsiquent destructive shockwave.

External Defence Systems

Regenerative Hull

Biometric Field

Through a naturally generated biometric field they are rendered impervious to sensors, transporter beams and are also capable of passing through forcefields


Propulsion Systems

Theoretical Clarification

Original theory: " it is quite possible that they are simply a larger forms belonging to the same species.The bioships themselves have shown no evidence of sentience therefore it is plausable to assume Species 8472 simply habbit or infest the bioships and control them accordingly.  

New theory: The original theory was challenged with the argument that there is no logic in a non-sentient species evolving the 9-point weapon attack requiring coordination from all participants when they themselves aren't capable of independent action.