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thumb|right|300px|U.S.S Voyager deploying ablative armour via the generators. Technology assimilation date: 2378

Assimilated from: Species 5618 (Humans)

Ablative Armour Generators are devices pre-placed upon the hull and across the exterior surface of the entire vessel which allow for rapid replication and dissapation when required to reveal weapon ports deployment of 24th century ablative armour.

Ablative Armour Generator

In 2378 the U.S.S Voyager was equipped with technology from the 25th century named the ablative generator - a form of armour technology capable of rapidly deploying and undeployithumb|300px|right|Ablative Armour in a nigh-impenetrable layer of 25th century ablative armour around a vessel within seconds covering every square inch of it.

Ablative Armour Plating

The armour which the generators deployed possessed astounding defense capabilities almost incomparable to that of any known form of ablative armour in the 24th century. Capable of both resisting signal locks from tractor beams and nullifying all but the simultanious weapons fire of several Borg cubes and even they were only capable of causing a very slow flow of damage to the armour.

One of the number of disadvantages to using the ablative armour is: due to the coverage of every square inch of the vessel, particle weapon ports were covered and could not be used - aswell as the shield generators which prevented generation of defense shields in favor of the impenetrable armour. The single type of weapons the vessel is capable of frequently deploying are torpedo weapons.

Sphere 634 assimilated the ablative armour technology allowing it to adapt and penetrate the armour with its weapons, whilst the armour remained able to protect the U.S.S Voyager from from a certain degree of damage, the Sphere became capable of causing significant damage very quickly. Deployable ablative armour generators will be adapted and deployed upon future Borg vessels.