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Captain Janeway holding an Automated Regeneration Unit from the debris of a Borg Probe.[1]

Automated regeneration units are completely automated, small, light-weight, spherical droids which are rarely ever encountered - despite numbering in the thousands. They are only present upon the smaller Borg vessels which alone do not possess high enough regenerative capabilities nor a large enough crew compliment to meet the minimum regenerative quota. The auto-regeneration units are there to assist and greatly boost the regenerative, repair and maintenance efforts aboard the vessel. Distributed by the automated regeneration matrix they operate in small sub-junctions, passageways and conduits which are either hazardous to biological matter or inaccessable by drones. Rolling around inside of Borg vessels, their function is to repair all forms of internal damage of which Borg drones themselves are unable to reach. The units are also unbound by the confines of artificial gravity plating - their inner core possesses a freely rotating and extremely strong electromagnet which holds them to the ships metallic tritanium surfaces, allowing them to function even in the unlikley event of a hull breach and allowing the droids to scale walls and travel along ceilings, repairing all ship systems and technology they encounter.

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Automated Regeneration Unit
Author diamonds prayer
Illustrator oasis
Publication date 3/3/3012
Published by size matters
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Electromagnetic Core - Allowing the units to freely roam the interior of the vessel without the need for artifical gravitational plating.

Internal Replicator - With the on-board replicator the unit is able to synthesize any tools or alloys required to carry-out repairs.

External Features

Light-weight polytrinic alloy shell.[1]

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