Ensign Lynch
Original Name: Timothy Lynch
Species: 5618
Assimilation Date: 2063
Seperation Date: 2063 (Deceased)


Type of Drone: Invasive Drone

Enhancements/Augmentations: Cortical Implant, Neural transceiver, Neural processor, Exo-Plating, Eyepiece.


Ensign Timothy Lynch was a Starfleet officer serving in the USS Enterprise-E's security department.

In 2063, the Borg infiltrated the Enterprise and attempted to take over the ship after their sphere was destroyed. Lynch was assimilated by the Borg when he was confronting them.

After the assimilation, he was assigned to circumvent the defensive shielding of the Enterprise. When he was analyzing the installations outside the holosuite, Lynch was attacked by Jean-Luc Picard. Determining Picard as a threat by the hive mind, Lynch attempted to assimilate Picard and followed him to the holosuite. Lynch was shot and killed by a holographic tommy gun (with holographic safety protocols disabled) .


  • Analyze defensive shielding of enemy vessels and installations.
  • Circumvent.

Knowledge Gained

Programming; security; transporters