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Drone walking through a Multi-Regenerative Security Field

A multi-Regenerative Security Field is a type of force field. A force field is an energy shield created made of charged particles, which protects a person, area or object from attacks or intrusions by absorbing or dissipating the energy of the incoming attack; prolonged exposure to such attacks weakens the shield and eventually results in the shield's collapse.

Multi-Regenerative security fields are high-level force fields emplaced around the most sensitive technology aboard Borg vessels, preventing transporter beams and all matter both biological and technological from passing through. Borg Drones however possessing their personal regenerative shielding are able to adjust their frequency and pass freely through these fields at will. They are particularly good at preventing all-forms of transporter attacks even against the Narrow-Beam transporters designed by the Hanson's which was created specifically to penetrate Borg shielding. Such force fields are able to be erected throughout the entire vessel however they are typically not activated until a threat has already been detected on-board within exception to sensitive areas such as the Central Plexus.

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Theoretical Clarification

Narrow-Beam Transporter Protection

Based upon the fact they had descovered this technology from the Hansen's in Dark Frontier so if it was able to penetrate these force fields they would#ve used it.

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