General Information


USS Dauntless in a quantum slipstream.

Assimilation date of technology: 2374, stardate 51978.2

Assimilated from species 116

Slipstream technology involves manipulating the fabric of the space-time continuum at a quantum level. Focusing a quantum field through a deflector dish generating massive changes in local space curvature, creating a subspace tunnel projected in-front of the vessel. Once inside this slipstream conduit the slipstream torrents propell the ship to incredible speeds. To maintain the slipstream effect a ship must constantly modify the quantum field with its deflector dish with calculations which are far too complex for 24th century bio-neural augmented multitronic computer cores. If the calculations take too long, the vessel outpaces the slipstream and the conduit collapses.

Quantum Slipstream Drive
Engaging Quantum Slipstream:
Slipstream Sequence

Slipstream Sequence

Slipstream Drive in use.