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The Borg Vinculum is the primary device on-board all Borg vessels which processes all of the thoughts and knowledge received from the hundreds or thousands of on-board distribution nodes, filtering out all irrelevent information such as: the birth names of the drones, irrelevent memories, retaining all of the applicable scientific and biological knowledge and disseminates information relative to the Collective. The Vinculum is able to automatically adapt to attempts at deactivation and general attacks such as: transporter beams. The Vinculum is essentially the black box of Borg vessels, recording and storing all of the information and instructions which the vessel receives and of the actions of all drones on-board. It also possesses its own personal extremely strong shielding which allows it to survive the destruction of a Borg vessel allowing the Collective to retrive the Vinculum at a later period and determine the cause of the vessels destruction.

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